Cleaning of tanks from oil products is necessary to improve the safety and reliability of the tank operation as well as to ensure proper storage. Tank cleaning is carried out by experienced specialists in accordance with a particular schema.PCE Company offers services in the field of tank cleaning from oil products and various types of contaminants. Our team of experts carries out the cleaning and removal of oil residues and heavy oil sludge from railway tanks and oil tanks, as well as degassing. The company also prepares tanks for inspection.


     Our proposed tank stripping (washing) technology includes the following steps:


- Washing of the tank surface by using a special technical detergent;

- Heating and pumping of the dead residue oil, degassing of the tank;

- Separation of the stripping waste by way of oil separation, if needed; pumping of the mixture of water, oil residues and sludge, as well as tank surface smoothing, if necessary.


     The organization works to clean up the reservoir requires special attention. Only teams of experienced specialists of a high qualification perform the stripping of containers. Special means of mechanization and control are necessary for the tank-cleaning, repair, and monitoring of the technical condition. PCE possesses a qualified staff, as well as everything required to execute the cleaning of the equipment.


     Over the years, we have accumulated considerable experience in the cleaning of tanks from petroleum residues, which provides a professional and quality implementation of the process. Documentation of all the works carried out, as well as data, technical surveys, and other information is carefully recorded in the reports and included into the conclusive statements on the technical condition of the tank.

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