Our company specializes in the cleaning of ballast compartments.

Due to the long presence of water in ballast compartments, rust is formed there. It must be cleaned off by conducting regular cleaning of these compartments.

The cleaning of double bottom ballast tanks and ballast compartments consists of the following steps:

- Pump-down of the water from compartments

- Cleaning

- Quality control.


     Stages of Cleaning

We perform the cleaning of ballast and fuel tanks strictly in accordance with the right technology:

-Pump-down of the residues of petroleum products,

-Washing of the tank or hold for several hours according to a closed-circle principle,

-Degassing of the fuel tank,

-Cleaning of the tank from the inside with clean water,

-Removal of the traces of residual propellants by hand and wiping the surfaces of the tank from the inside.


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